Top 10 tricks you didn’t know your Android phone could do

Top10 tricks you didn't know your Android phone could do

Your Android cell phone is equipped for a wide assortment of things, however chances are there are a ton of things you had no clue your amazing little pocket PC could do. From snappy and basic approaches to change your remote system to a simple method to cast your telephone screen to another gadget, we have a collection of things you presumably didn’t realize your Android telephone could do. These 10 cool capacities will make them hotshot your capacities to your companions and having them ask you where you learned everything – you can connect them here and share the information, obviously!

  1. Cast your telephone screen to your preferred TV

All you have to impart what’s on your telephone’s screen to your TV is a Chromecast or a TV that is set up to work with Android gadgets and you can reflect what’s on your screen there. This proves to be useful on the off chance that you need to share pictures or recordings on your telephone to another person, watch YouTube without utilizing an outer application, or even play your preferred portable diversions on a bigger screen. Go to the Quick Settings menu and pick Cast. Your gadget will spring up the Chromecast that is set up, or the TV of your decision (if it’s a savvy TV) and you can begin throwing. It’s basic, and brisk to set up.

  1. Lock individuals out of explicit applications

We’ve all been there – somebody’s approached to utilize our telephone, and we’ve mixed to conceal certain photos and data we don’t need others to see. There’s really a route with Android gadgets to conceal this with a couple of catch presses so anybody you loan your telephone to for a couple of minutes might be bolted to one region until you enter your telephone’s lock screen code. That way, they can’t utilize portions of your telephone except if you put the code in once more.

Top10 tricks you didn't know your Android phone could do

Go to Settings, at that point Security, and turn on Screen Pinning. At the point when turned on, open the application that your companion or adored one needs to utilize. Open Overview with the square catch beneath the telephone screen. You’ll see a symbol that resembles a stick in the lower right corner. Tap it, and it’ll remain stuck to the front. Voila! Well that is everything anybody can use until you enter the secret word.

Top10 tricks you didn't know your Android phone could do

  1. Empower one-gave mode

Some Android telephone sizes can be especially awkward, contingent upon the model you use. Fortunately, you can settle on the extraordinary one-gave mode on most Android telephones utilizing one brisk alternate way. It’s on Google’s console, which you’ll have to get in the event that you don’t have it. You’ll likely have it as of now as your default choice in the event that you utilize a Pixel or Nexus telephone, yet in the event that you utilize a Samsung or LG telephone, you’ll have to download the console to prepare things. When you download the console, open it up and tap and hold the oblique punctuation line key. Destroy up to one side hand symbol to turn on one-gave mode. There will be a bolt here that gives you a chance to position the console from side to side and reposition it. The symbol on the top will give you a chance to reestablish the console to its full size. Presently the console can be utilized with one hand on the off chance that you so want.

  1. Change out remote systems rapidly.

In some cases you may need to swap between remote systems in a convenient way. Maybe you’re on the wrong system at a lodging or you need to utilize a companion’s sign rather than your hotspot. Rather than going to Settings and after that Wi-Fi, essentially swipe down twice from the highest point of your screen and open the Quick Settings menu. Push on the name of the system you’re associated with and you’ll be given a whole rundown of systems surrounding you. You would now be able to swap to a qualified system from that point.

  1. Swap into Priority Mode

You may never have known about Android’s Priority Mode, however it’s an amazingly helpful component. It gives you a chance to put your telephone in “Don’t irritate” mode while as yet giving certain warnings a chance to get through that you select. Basically, you’ll have the option to pick who can trouble you while everything else is rested.

Begin by going to Settings, at that point Sound and Notification, at that point Do not exasperate. From that point, switch up the settings and notices that regardless you need to let through. You can turn it now and again rapidly by means of Quick Settings, however it will let through significant people, and that is the thing that makes it so cool.

  1. Peruse warnings you unintentionally shut

It very well may be anything but difficult to carelessly swipe away a notice that you intended to peruse. It’s easy to bring one back, yet your telephone doesn’t make it self-evident. You can see the majority of your ongoing warnings in the event that you’d like, really. Simply tap and hang on a vacant piece of your home screen. Select the Choose Widgets alternative, at that point search for Settings. Drag the symbol to a space on your home screen and you’ll see a rundown spring up. Select Notification Log, and afterward tap the symbol. You’ll presently have the option to look through the majority of your gadget’s notices.

  1. Clear your default applications

Now and again, you’ll open a connection that prompts the comparing application to stack, for example, YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter, when you intended to stack it in the program. You can clear the default application posting and shield this from occurring in a straightforward manner so you can keep perusing without changing out applications when you didn’t intend to in any case. Go to Settings, at that point Apps, and search for the application you need to quit opening up. Discover Open By Default when you’ve found it, and pick Clear Defaults. Not any more troublesome application stacking!

  1. Empower Smart Lock

Keeping your telephone secure is dependably a need, yet when you’re home and relaxing around possibly you’re not as intrigued as locking all that you can. You should need to evaluate Smart Lock, which removes the prerequisite to utilize a keypad lock when in a believed territory like your home. You can select to utilize your face, remote systems, GPS areas, and more to keep your telephone from locking. Along these lines you don’t need to enter your secret word each time.

Top10 tricks you didn't know your Android phone could do

Go to Settings, at that point Security, at that point Smart Lock to get it set up, and loll in the light of basic telephone utilization when in confided in zones.

  1. Change autonomous volume settings

When you go to change the sound on a specific part of your gadget, you’re most likely unintentionally continually turning one section down, yet not the one you intended to, correct? Perhaps you turned down the telephone’s volume altogether, yet you implied distinctly to modify your ringtone’s volume. Rather than depending on your volume catches, tap the physical volume catches on your telephone, and search for the volume setting to appear on your screen. Search for a bolt on the case, tap it, and look at the volume sliders here to physically alter the ones you need to change. Presently you can do this rapidly and effectively.

  1. Scramble your telephone’s information

It’s dependably a smart thought to guard your information, regardless of whether you don’t house much private data on your telephone. You can quite empower encryption on your telephone, which will make it incomprehensible by outside gatherings without a PIN or secret word to decode it.

It’s extremely easy to turn on:

Go to Settings, at that point Security, at that point pick the Encrypt Phone alternative. It can require a significant stretch of time to empower if your telephone wasn’t recently scrambled, and could conceivably make your telephone back off in case you’re running a more established rendition of Android, however it’s a precious advance to take in the event that you need to secure the things as of now on your telephone.


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