In India, Today generation is dependent on gadgets and technology. The market of home automation is new in India and so far this technology has not been used by more people. Most people do not know what they should buy in the beginning. Today we will talk about some gadgets that are essential for home automation. With the help of these gadgets, your work will be easy and your home will become a smart home.

Smart Home Facilities

  • Good Internet Signal – A good speed Wi-Fi router is needed to make a home smart home. The device will not work quickly if your internet connection is slow. To properly use all the gadgets, internet connection, data pack, and internet speed should be good.
  • Smart Light Bulb – To make smart home it is necessary to have a smart light bulb at home. Smart light bulbs can be controlled from the same device and you can make their brightness and color even more or less as per the situation.
  • Smart Speaker –  A smart speaker can do almost all our work like it can play songs, call you, control the lights, and even control the TV. Smart Speaker can do almost all the work from a smartphone. You can buy Smart Speakers from many companies like Flipkart, Amazon, Microsoft.
  • Smart Surveillance Camera – Surveillance cameras are important at the door of the house, in children’s rooms and in the living room. You can turn the surveillance camera off the phone or tablet and see all the recordings. A smart surveillance camera can be controlled by smartphones. It helps you keep track of everywhere and gives information about every activity.
  • Smart Switch – Smart switches are slightly higher and they are quite expensive. But with Smart Switch you can control the lighting of your home. These switches have motion sensors. Because of the motion sensor, the light is lit in the room you are in and after you exit, it automatically closes.
  • Iot Tools – Inside the IOT device, washing machines, geysers, all of them come. All these devices can be turned on or off from anywhere with the help of the phone. All these things are connected to the Internet.


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