Photography clicking and capturing the moments. Today Photography becomes famous and fashionable. It’s treading in present time. Maximum Adults wants to become a photographer.┬áToday, so many photos are being clicked in every 2 minutes as compared to 1800 to 1900 even in a hundred years. In old photographs, no man noticed laughing because at that time the camera had to sit for 8 hours.

This is the default wallpaper of WindowXP, whose name is ‘Bliss’. It was clicked by American photographer Charles O’Rear at the Sonoma County location in California. This was pulled out shortly after the WindowsXP launch in 1996. Some people say that this is made from photoshop but not so. Later, a lot of people tried to get such photographs but it could not happen.

Details about Photography [Basic Information]

Here we are talking about the basic information which every photographer know about Photography.

  • The world’s first digital camera was made by the ‘Kodak’ company in 1975, which weighed 3.6 kg. Only Black & White photos could be photographed with 0.01-megapixel lenses, and it took 23 seconds to take a photo. In 1976, 90% of America’s Camera market was captured by Kodak.
  • The world’s first ‘DSLR Camera’ was created in 1986 by Kodak with Canon. There was a 1.3 MP lens built by Kodak and the cameras made by Canon were fitted with Baddy.
  • The largest SLR lens “Corl Zeiss” was made for the ‘Apo Sonar T’ camera. Weighing 256 kg and it could also focus at 67 inches.
  • The world’s largest camera was built in 1899 and named it ‘Mammoth’. It weighed 635 kg and needed 15 men to run it. The Click taken was so big that people recognized it artificial.
  • The noise that comes with a mobile phone camera is not allowed to mute in Japan, and in some phones, it does not have the option of mute. This is because girls in Japan wear a little skirt too much and if someone draws their photo then they will know.
  • Google is preparing to add ‘Sea View’ feature to Google Maps so that the photos inside the water can be viewed at 360┬░.
  • The camera that had taken the first photo of the moon’s surface was left on the moon. In the Apollo 11 mission 1969, 12 Hasselblad cameras were also taken to the moon so that a picture of walking on the moon could be taken. The photograph was taken but for the test, 25 kg of stone was needed to make the camera Had to leave the same.
  • The laptop camera should be covered with tape because it is easy to record the activities around us by hacking it. Facebook’s owner ‘Mark Zuckerberg’ does the same.


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