What is Internet security?? – Keeping information, data, or software available on the network. Network away from the access of unauthorized persons and only ensure the use of them by reliable users.

There are three main bases of Internet security –

  • Authentication
  • Access Control
  • Cryptography

TO use the Internet Security Authentication is required. And it is a very safe and secure process for Keeping information, data, or software secret. User authentication is checked by login ID, password secret code, etc.

Access Control

The availability of certain data or information, for certain users, is called Access Control. And this Access Control is down by Finger Print Voice Recognition Electronic Card etc.


Changing information or data into the secret code before sending it over the Internet and converting it to the general information before using it again is called cryptography. This is an important basis for data security on the Internet. The process of transmitting information or data into secret messages is called encryption. While changing encrypted data or information into general information is called decryption. Data is not likely to be stolen or leaked during data transfers from cryptography.

Ways for Keeping Password Safe

Due to fraud or repeated attempts in computer systems and networks, there is a possibility of password leakage by the software. To avoid all these frauds:

  • TheAt first, a password should not be too small.
  • At regular intervals, Passwords should be changed.
  • Longer password get harder trying again and again.
  • Password should contain a combination of numbers, letters, special characters.
  • While putting password a mix of Capital & Small Letters should also be used in the password.


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