How many types of Gears? There are various types of gears. And gears are used in many devices (Electronic/ Non electronic). Types Of Gear – Rack & Pinion, Supur Gear, Worm Gear, Helical Gear, Bevel Gear. A gear drive has 3 main important functions – 1. to increase torque from the driving equipment. 2. to reduce the speed generated by the motor. 3. to change the direction of the rotating shafts.

Types Of Gear:- 

Rack & Pinion

Rack & Pinion gears are Rotational motion is used to change the linear motion. which is circular gear, it is called pinion rack-pinion is also used in steering. Rack & Pinion gears are becoming common in the steering on cars, small trucks, and SUVs. It is moderately mechanism for the present time.

Supur Gear

It is a simple type of gear whose teeth are parallel to the axis of the gear. The main use of this gear is to transmit motion to parallel shafts. Spar gear is often used only for simple tasks. This type of gear can be seen in the gearbox of the machines.

Worm Gear

These are often used on where two shorts cross each other and they But transmit speed is to be done. In this, the worm gears rotate through the worm, but the worm does not rot through turning the worm gear. Vermicum is a type of cylindrical rod, which consist of chunks in a helical or spiral form, which are mashed with a worm gear. Thus, by moving the worm, the motion is transmitted in the cross.

Helical Gear

On this type of gear, Dante is not parallel to the axis of the gear but is made in a fixed angle. This gear is used to transmit speed for high speed and heavy loads on parallel shafts. The use of this gear is inconvenient that when the gear is in motion then the gear tries to get out due to side pressure and also pushing the bearings and the curse.

Bevel Gear 

Bevel gear is used to transmit speed on such shafts when the axis of two shafts bite each other and the shirt is fit in an angle. According to the work, this gear is of various types like the Straight Teeth Bevel Gear , Spiral Teeth Bevel Gear etc.


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