The computer is an electronic device. You probably already know all of them. So you must be wondering why today again why this topic is about which we know everything from beforehand. The computer was invented for calculation, in the old time computers were used only for calculation, but nowadays it is used to create documents, e-mail, listening and viewing audio and video, play games, along with database preparation.

Importances of the Computer

It became a part of human life and used in field like in banks, in educational institutions, in offices, in shops, in homes, the computer is being used extensively. Those who are already inserted inside the computer, do not have the ability to think in them, the person who runs the computer is called a user. The person who works for a program for Computer is called Programmer.

Features of the Computer

  • It acts fast, i.e. time saves.
  • It allows permanent and large storage capacity.
  • It works in errorlessly.
  • Computer makes intense decisions as per given prescribed instructions.

Computer work

  • Data Collection
  • Data Storage
  • Data Processing
  • Data Output


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