The mobile phone has become very easy with the arrival of a smart mobile phone. This is just a part of our body without which our work cannot do. Let us know what are the advantages of a mobile phone.

Advantages of Mobile Phone

  • Mobile phone, most probably used for talking/ Calling/ Chatting. There is no such thing that a specific time has been fixed for this. It’s not like you can call 24*7 anytime throughout the day. The first phone was kept in the house because it was large, but now its size is so small that it is kept in all pocket.
  • According to the requirement, we can use countless apps on the mobile phone. Whether it is linked to an app ticket booking, banking or a web browser or listening to a song, today 80% of the works are done by smartphones.
  • To use the Internet, we had to go to the cyber cafe first. Or a computer was needed but the mobile has become easier to use the internet ever since. With the arrival of 3G and 4G for the Internet on the Internet, the Internet runs super speed.
  • For safety and protection. Especially the girls who are alone and go out can call the people who know their life, they can call for help when they feel threatened.

Disadvantages of Mobile Phone

  • Continuous use of mobile phones has a bad effect on people’s health. Throughout the day, a lot of radiation goes inside the body. It’s causing much damage to our body. Even people sleeping around in front of their heads while sleeping.
  • Today’s generation much addicted to mobile phones. Stay busy in the night on mobile. Meditation work is done on reading. They forget to live in real life. In this way, he wrote his education and did not pay attention to his career.
  • We have to spend money to use the internet and calls on mobile phones and the costs are also increased.
  • Often people use a mobile phone even while driving. Which is very dangerous. Against the traffic rules. But today everybody is breaking the rules.
  • Nowadays in mobile, we also keep personal data. If ever the mobile gets lost or stolen. Then the information kept in the mobile can dangerous.
  • Continuous use of mobile causes such an impact that people do not get sleeping.


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